Flipping the Bozo Bit
Keith Irwin & Christoph Neumann

Episode 3: Technical Debt On Wheels


What if you were required to write a prototype for every significant development of your software system?

In this episode:

  • Prototypes as the only means of proposal
  • New, bootstrappy architectures vs old, established architectures
  • Prototype the non-code parts of the problem
  • Prototypes as risk management for legacy, debt-encrusted systems
  • Can you really prototype a monolithic mountain of madness?
  • No prototyping without loose coupling?
  • What is a prototype anyway?
  • Distributed architectures and prototyping
  • Prototype first as an antidote to the monolith
  • A paper prototype is misleading
  • Prototypes reveal the hidden horror beneath a beautiful diagram
  • The value of a pre-prototype discussion
  • Wherefore art thou estimation?
  • Changing the meaning of change
  • Prototypes: the enemy of status-quo or the safest way to grow?