Flipping the Bozo Bit
Keith Irwin & Christoph Neumann

Episode 4: The March of IDEs


In this episode, we start with our conclusion and try to move on from there.

In This Episode:

  • What if we couldn’t use IDEs?
  • Confessions
  • What is an IDE anyway?
  • Glade!
  • The value is in the integration?
  • IDE as antidote to problematic language choices.
  • Metatool!
  • The Bulldozer and the Treehouse
  • Managing Java without an IDE
  • How poor memory leads to simplicity
  • Design patterns for the memory impaired
  • PHP and the Abstraction Loving Programmer
  • Football helmets and the damage they hide
  • Implicitly magical
  • Mutability causes debuggers or air planes or something
  • IDEs can remember it for you
  • IDE interface remains the same when the languages change
  • Unix and Windows, reflections of their Eras in Tooling
  • Wait for the tool maker, or be the tool maker?
  • Weblogic Workbench: hooray!
  • Rails: hooray!
  • Did IDEs solve the problems of software complexity?
  • Solve complexity by simplifying, not managing.
  • Brazil!
  • Managing CSS
  • The Importance of Re-thinking Earnestly
  • Creativity and Limitations
  • What can I do with blue?