Flipping the Bozo Bit
Keith Irwin & Christoph Neumann

Episode 2: Unitless Tests


Our second podcast. This one got away from us in length, but it all adds up. Somehow. Does a project’s implementation strategy affect team dynamics? What if you couldn’t include tests in your source tree? Digressions abound!

In this episode:

  • Implications of architecture on team dynamics
  • Programmer apathy
  • The programmer hero
  • The need to add value
  • What if you couldn’t use unit tests?
  • Confidence
  • Metrics, instrumentation, data gathering and the real world
  • Build systems just build
  • App testing applications
  • Testable apps
  • Black box testing
  • Domain experts and the unautomatable
  • What can be confidently tested isn’t worth testing?
  • Prepare for the un-preparable
  • Breaking the build
  • Baroque unit tests
  • Unit tests as symptoms of a larger problem
  • Bugs don’t matter until they matter
  • The legacy of black box testability