Flipping the Bozo Bit
Keith Irwin & Christoph Neumann

Episode 5: A Walled Off Garden of Perfection


Can’t change your variables once you assign a value? WTF? Surely, this is something up with which we cannot put! Or: a round-about introduction to some of the concerns addressed by the functional programming paradigm.

In This Episode:

  • “I’ve been thinking about Object Oriented Programming.”
  • “And you survived.”
  • Concurrency and shared state
  • Changing the value of 2
  • What if we can’t change a variable’s value?
  • Side effects: minus the sides. And the effects.
  • A functional primer and the unit test
  • No side effects? No dependency injection!
  • Does dependency injection break the “encapsulation” contract?
  • Lock the doors so we can invent windows.
  • Mock object makes a mockery of … well ….
  • Separating values from behavior
  • The inversion of the inversion
  • Apparently, we’re really interested in address books.
  • What about side-effects, though? I mean, right?
  • Separating side-effects from calculations
  • A walled-off garden of perfection
  • Don’t mock me
  • Recursion
  • When copying is not copying
  • What’s the difference between antidote and poison?
  • Mocking and Dependency Injection, a heretical view
  • Rich Hickey, Simon Peyton Jones, Martin Ordesky
  • Clojure: What if I only use blue?
  • Scala: What if we add blue, and every other color, too?
  • After all this, why OO ever?
  • Simple Made Easy